Chesapeake Home Inspection Services LogoA Maryland-based company, Chesapeake Home Inspection Services was founded on the premise that the purchase of a new home is one of the largest decisions many people will make during their lifetime, and a comprehensive inspection is a key element in learning more about the property you would like to invest in. Home inspecting involves a well-balanced blend of mental awareness and physicality. Having worked in almost every field of residential and commercial construction--from row homes in Baltimore, to mansions in Chesapeake Beach, military bases and even the metal framing for a hotel at the National Harbor, I am well aware of what it takes to build a quality home. I have spent the past 16-years with a tool belt strapped around my waist, walking on stilts, or hanging off the side of a building.

A life-long learner, I am constantly researching the latest building technologies and on the quest of information related to my field. I am a proud, honest, accountable and hardworking man that prides himself in providing clients with a high quality inspection—I am not afraid of crawl spaces, attics or walking across a roof. My passion for the industry has driven me to learn the proper ways to build and those skills, along with my formal training though the American Home Inspectors Training Institute, are what I rely on when inspecting houses.  

The purchase of a new home is a huge milestone and often one of the biggest decisions a person or family will make in their lifetime and a home inspection will identify the need for major repairs or builder oversights—allowing you to learn more about the property you are interested in.

Thank you for visiting our website and I hope to hear from you soon to schedule an inspection.

Alex Holder

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